Apologies for the lack of posts - but here's an update!

Oh god I am the worlds worst blogger and the worlds worst procrastinator! I knew I hadn't done anything on my blog for some time [over a month to be precise] but every time I sat down to write a post I found myself finding better things to do, for example, there's always was an episode of Jersey Shore to watch which obviously took up most of my time! So I thought I'd do a pretty biggish re-cap of some of the things I can be bothered to blog about! 

One of the big, big, BIG things to happen this month was Mike coming back home from New Zealand - YAY! I'm so glad to have him back. Three weeks were far too long and I missed him terribly but I'm glad he went because you can tell he had the most amazing time over there. We're hoping to go together next year, that is if I can get over the fact I'm gonna be sat in the plane for well over 24 hours! However, one of the things I haven't been glad about is having to hear about New Zealand every time someone brings anything up to do with the place [it's obviously jealously, but I won't tell him that!]. Honestly, even the word 'New' starts him off with "ah, New like New Zealand. Have I told you I've been there? Did a bungee jump? wasn't even bothered". But I am really, really, really proud of him for doing it even if he was hungover, the crazy bugger! 

I also visited my first art gallery which is quite shocking considering most of my friends are artists - you'd have thought they'd have taken me to art gallery wouldn't you? but Gez did take me to Whitworth Art Gallery, which I was pretty excited about...

... except the problem for me was that some of the paintings just weren't 'worthy' enough of being in an art gallery [in my opinion anyway]. Some were absolutely amazing and a lot of thought and effort were put into these paintings but some were down right... weird. Like this picture for example ..

Now looking at it you'd think maybe it has something to do with space and the moon? or maybe it has something to do with light finding it's way through the darkness. But no, it's none of them. It's actually called...

Yes that's right. [The] arsehole. 

Also this painting didn't really impress me much. It looked pretty crap to be fair but it made me wonder that maybe I had a shot of making it in to an art gallery! 

So I did a little drawing of Mike and Kiki for you all. It's defiantly up there with the greatest art pieces ever! 

This month also meant I was celebrating my best friend Lotties birthday party. She'd got the day off work so me, Bex and Lottie decided to take a little trip to the local park, get an ice-cream, feed some ducks, sun bathe on the grass except when we got there this happened!! 

But she weren't disheartened as we were still celebrating her birthday with a night out in the Northern Quarter! 

Me and Mike also managed to take a little trip to the park to get an ice cream on one of those rare days in September when the suns actually out! We bought some 'normal' bread to feed the ducks because I just couldn't justify buying a loaf of my 'not so cheap' gluten free bread to just feed it to the ducks! But what should have been a relaxing time feeding some ducks turned into a nightmare! I was literally running for my life! The geese just kept chasing me and surrounding me! So I just threw the whole loaf of bread at them in the end! 

I also went on my first canal boat ride with Mikes work mates and I was allowed to actually steering it which was fun! It would have been an amazing day if the boat hadn't have crashed into a tree and around a million spiders dropped down on us! URGH URGH AND URGH! 

I also went to watch Chris Ryan talk at one of the local town halls. I wasn't really fussed about going but I had agreed to do with my brother as he's a huge Chris Ryan fan. As you can imagine, the place was an absolute testosterone-fest. They were literally around 3 girls including me at this thing. I assumed the talk would be boring, discussing guns, weaponry, general 'man' stuff but I was so bloody surprised. So surprised I was sat there with my mouth open in awe!  He's actually a hero! He's someone you'd call a 'proper man' and a real life action man. He's like your real life John McClane. 

Just check out that grin my brother is sporting! hahahaha!

October meant I also celebrated my brothers 18th birthday! I still can't quite get over the fact my little brother is all grown up! I also found him the greatest birthday cake ever! Although it wasn't gluten free [which meant I couldn't have any] it was worth buying as I always said Kasim looks like a chimp and this cake was the spit of him! 

I also took a trip to Blackpool Zoo with Kasim, Mikey, my sister Shak and Gez. We were so lucky as we'd already planned to go and ended up going on one of the hottest days in October!

It was such a wonderful day out and the zoo is one of my favourites now! They have this amazing bit with the monkeys where you litrally walk amongst them. One even tried to get in my bag to nick my gluten free bread roll and one also tried to take my brothers hoody off. Even the monkeys were thinking "why is this giant chimp wearing a hoody? take it off this instant!" mwahahaha! 

This month also meant my good friend Fiona was doing a lot of preparation for her marathon run in Liverpool. Me, Mike and her boyfriend Pete ended up going to L'Pool to support her! I still am so proud of her for doing it as she literally had so much against her - for example, an actual tree fell on her whilst she was running! 

I also ended up taking a trip to Tropical World in Leeds with my brother which is really, really beautiful! We used to go a lot has children and the place literally feels like a jungle when you're that little except now that you're older, it feels like a giant green house! But me and Kasim still had a good time and we even managed to warm up as they temperature inside is tropical! 


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