My Wonderful Trip to Scarborough [a bit photo heavy]

On Friday the 2nd of September, me, my sister Shak and my mum decided to take a girlie trip to the sea-side. We chose Scarborough as it holds a lot of memories for us when we used to holiday there when we were all little nippers. Plus, it's only an hour train ride away! 

We arrived with the weather being a little bit on the rubbish side. It was really grey, dull and very over cast but at least it wasn't raining! We decided to hit South Bay and get something to eat. It wasn't nice smelling the gorgeous scent of fish and chips all the time! 

Afterwards,  we decided to hit the harbour and ogle at all the fishing boats. We wondered whether we should  go on one of the fishing boats and look for the Scarborough Seals but the thought of getting on a rocky boat just after eating put us off slightly! 

The weather was starting to pick up by the afternoon so tempting fate, we decided now would be a good time to pick up a love heart shaped bucket and a fishing net, travel by bus and head to the beaches in North Bay. In our opinion, these beaches are the best beaches to go crabbing and go paddling.

We risked breaking out necks climbing on all the rocks! I learnt the hard way that sea weed is very slippy and there was so many times when I nearly slipped off and landed in a rock pool! Turning rocks and dipping the fishing net in the different rock pools, we found enough crabs to sink a ship, but I think I found the daddy of them all...

Check out that bad boy of a crab! It was a right feisty bugger an all! It nearly had my thumb off! After crabbing we then decided to do a spot of paddling and dip out toes in the Scarborough sea. It was chuffing freezing. I was half expecting to find ice cubes on my toes when I stepped out! 

But having walked a couple of minutes up the beach and deciding to go and take a visit to Peasholm Park, my mum realised she'd left her sandals at the other end of the beach! Realising that they could be now bobbing up and down in the north sea, we ran back to see if we could save them. We couldn't run for laughing, I ended up getting a stitch, but my mum was lucky as some guy found them and placed them safely away from the tide! 

After saving my mums precious sandals, the sun finally popped his hat on and the grey, dreary overcast was replaced with cloudless blue skies and warm sunshine! We decided this would be the perfect time to visit Peasholm Park and take a look around. 

Peasholm Park holds a lot of memories for me and my family. It's the place we always used to visit when we holidayed here. But the place had had a bit of a spruce up before we came back yesterday but it still had that charm. 

Here is a picture of my beautiful grandma and granddad [my mums parents] when they visited Peasholm Park. The bridge still stands there today which takes you to the 'island' in the middle of the huge lake. You can just about see the bridge in the photo below where my grandparents stood many years ago. 

We thought, since it was such smashing weather, that we should use this opportunity to rent out one of the boats on the lake. From experience we knew it'd be a bad idea rending out the paddle boats as we've been stuck on the bankings more times then actually rowing, so we thought we'd rent out one of the dragon pedalos instead. 

and because we're such thoughtful daughters, we thought it'd be nice to give our mum a rest in the back of the boat whilst we pedalled round the lake. We were absolutely rubbish considering even a little kid could even ride the boat, we ended up causing a traffic jam on the lake! 

Pedalling a boat is thirsty work, so we took the little train from Peasholm Park to South Bay to visit Scalby Mills. Sadly, we didn't take any pictures of us on the little train or the little train itself, but I did find an old picture of my mum when she was my age and my sister on the very little train. 

Yes that little Chinese looking boy with a baseball cap is in fact my sister Shak when she was about 10!

Scalby Mills is home to the most homely little smuggling pub called The Old Scalby Mills. In other words, it's Mikes kind of pub as it houses a large array of ales! We ended up having some drinks in the mid afternoon sun but there was no time to relax as every 2 seconds we were bombarded with wasps! URGH! 

The pub is situated by the most picturesque cliff tops where we usually go for either a picnic or to look out for rabbits. Plus, you have a beautiful view of the sea on North Bay! 

Here's another old picture I found of my dad and Shak [the Chinese looking boy] on Scalby Mills cliff tops having a picnic. My dads sporting a Jason King moustache in this picture! 

And here's another photos of me, my friend Lisa, my mum and my brother on Scalby Mills having an evening stroll. This was taken around 2002/2003 when we came to Scarborough for a mini holiday. Sadly, because I'm not near a scanner, these photos have been taken by my mobile. 

We also got pretty peckish after our trip to Scalby Mills, so we decided to walk back and get a bus to South Bay to see if we can find a restaurant to eat that we'd all be happy with and more importantly, have something gluten free on the menu. We passed so many shops with either chocolate or cupcakes in the window, that our tummies were beginning to rumble! 

After walking what seemed like an hour [my mum just told me we walked for 3 mins!!] I ended up telling them to just find any place and if they wanted to go for an Italian I would have a salad. So we found Tricolo's which was a gorgeous looking Italian restaurant. But to my absolute surprise they actually did gluten free pasta meals! So while my sister and mum had a pizza [uber jealous] I did have the most gorgeous gluten free spaghetti in tomato and sweet red pepper sauce. 

And to walk off our mega meals, we thought it'd be nice to take one last trip to the sea front and maybe visit the harbour one last time. We ended up walking right down to the lighthouse. 

It was such a wonderful trip with my mum and sister that we've vowed to do it all again. We're thinking about coming back again to Scarborough or maybe trying the other surrounding sea side towns such as Whitby. 


  1. Hi Saara, I really enjoyed reading of your day trip to Scarborough. I did one this year to refresh my memories of holidays there when I was a child, back in the 1960s. Didn't get round as many sites as you did though!

    I've just discovered your blog, and as I was recently diagnosed with a wheat intolerance I'm keen to read more.
    Donald, East Lothian, Scotland.


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