Missing Mikey

I really missed Mikey today. I love waking up on a Saturday with him as he'd always make me the most amazing cappuccino coffee in bed....then he'd chuffing bugger off all day to watch his beloved - Huddersfield Town *groan*

But today, for the first time in like a very short while [ha!] I actually really missed him! What makes it harder is that because he's in the other side of the world, our times are 12 hours apart. So when he's waking up, I'm off to sleep and during the day I can't just ring him for a chat. But, according to my calendar - he's back in 12 days!

So because I was feeling a bit blue, I definitely needed some pick me up and the one thing I could think of was -CHOCOLATE! A girls best friend. But, because I was home at my parents I didn't really have the ingredients to make a chocolate cake so instead I made CHOCOLATE CRISPIE CAKES!

They were so quick and simple to make - you needed two ingredients, Chocolate [of course] and Rice Crispies! Plus, they're super healthy and more importantly, GLUTEN FREE!

Tobykins is also keeping me occupied! I forgot how hard it is to actually keep a kitten entertained as they have more energy then you!

He literally wants to play with everything. Even whilst I type this blog post, he's trying to catch the cursor, stop the letters, bite the pictures and because he's stepping on the laptop to do it, he's opening about a 1000 tabs!


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