Freezing Friday

Well, you wouldn't think we were still in the month of August after witnessing yesterdays weather! It was absolutely freezing and for the first time in a long time, I begged for the heating to be put on!

I also wanted to go 'au naterual' with my hair because I feel the months of actual straightening the damn thing has actually damaged my hair! Usually when I go curly, my hair 'sometimes' goes really nicely curly with minimum frizz but not this time! This time it resembled an 80s glam rockers!! 

The crap weather also meant I craved summer time foods and I made myself my first fritata [Spanish omelette] from scratch with a colourful side salad. It was gorgeous and really simple to make! 

But the surprise came at the night. It was one of those rare occasasions when the family got together and did something with each other. This time we played Monopoly. The last time I played this with my Dad he literally cheated his way around it!! So, breaking monopoly tradition - I became the banker and made sure he wasn't collecting £300  every time he passed go! 

However, have you every tried playing a board game with a kitten in the same room?! It's a disaster! We did lock him out of the room but the psycho kitten just kept throwing himself against the door and begging to come in that we had to finally give in - and didn't we regret it! He kept diving on to the monopoly board, trying to knock down our hotels, skidding across our money! It was a nightmare!

But all that jumping and diving meant the little Toby was knackered after a while, but choose to 'conk' out right on the corner of the board and he just wouldn't budge! 


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