Little Toby - My New Kitten

I thought it was about time I blogged about the new addition to our family - our cute little kitten, Toby. I say 'ours' but really it's my parents but I love him just as much as if he was mine. 

My sister had literally rescued five, tiny and utterly adorable kittens from being drowned from an awful and disgraceful woman. Instead of taking them to the RSPCA, she ended up taking them to our parents and asking them to help. 

Now we already have two huge and fluffy cats that my Dad has vowed that under no circumstances are we allowed to have another. Believe me, I've tried every trick in the book to make him change his mind and for years I've begged for them to get another...but as soon as he saw this little fella, he just couldn't resist him and we got to keep him!
Luckily, we ended up re-homing the other four kittens to all our friends, so we'll always be able to see them and know how they're doing. 

Although I hardly ever see little Toby since I now permanently live in Manchester [and not in Yorkshire with my parents] but I absolutely love him to pieces. Even if he's a little terror at the moment and keeps dive bombing me, he loves snuggling up to me as well as standing on my shoulder to watch me type. 


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