Kiki's New Lead

Yes, before you mock me for my craziness - I do hold my hands up and admit that I am one of those crazy animal ladies. When nobody is looking, or no one is around, I like to take little Kiki for a walk on a harness! 

Ferrets can be walked just like a dog on a harness but getting a ferret to walk is like asking the pope not to prey. It can be so frustrating at times as they can get stubborn and quite literally, drag their heels. It's such an accomplishment for any ferret owner to get their ferret to walk that there's even competitions at ferret shows just dedicated to ferret walking.

However, Kiki does like to walk. Well explore and by explore, I mean she must go where ever she wants to go. So if she doesn't want to walk in your direction she won't which means I have to sometimes walk her in the back garden where she likes to dig up my mums plants.

So the other day I thought I might invest in a new harness set for Kiki as I didn't like her other one because I felt it was too... boring. So I found an utterly adorable website called Ferret Couture, that sell the most gorgeous ferret...couture... things. It was here that I found a cute pink harness set that had Kiki written all over it, that I had to simply buy it....


How cute is the packaging?! I wish all parcels came like this. Could you imagine if your bills came looking as pretty as this parcel? 

Even when I opened it, it still looked pretty and they included these little sequin hearts in there too [again - can you imagine if they included sequin hearts in our bills?] 

So I was itching to get it on her to test her out. So taking her out of bed and whilst still blinking, Kiki was in her new harness and ready for her first outing in the garden. 

Doesn't she look cute? She really enjoyed herself in the garden but dug up half the plants and gave herself a mucky nose.


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